Webinar 4

9th June  – 19:00 BST

Hosted by: Meera Kumar

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Featuring The Modern Mann’s host Olly Mann and x-rated agony aunt Alix Fox, plus producer Matt Hill.

They talk about how they’ve grown their multi-award-winning show over the past 7 years and offer advice to fellow podcasters wanting to go further in the world of audio.

Hosted by Meera Kumar, Auddy’s Content Development Executive.

More about the guests –

Olly Mann is a presenter, broadcaster and writer who has been in the podcasting game since 2007. You might know him as the host of the hit magazine show The Modern Mann, or from his work on Answer Me This!, The Retropectors or The Week Unwrapped. With 15 years of experience (and counting!) creating award-winning shows, Olly has plenty of advice for fellow creators looking to grow their shows.

Alix Fox is an award-winning broadcaster, journalist and sex educator. She offers honest, fresh sex advice in The Foxhole segment of The Modern Mann podcast. From script consulting for Netflix’s Sex Education, to Tedx Talks, to hosting hit podcasts Close Encounters and Unexpected Fluids, Alix has done it all.

Matt Hill is the producer of The Modern Mann from Rethink Audio, a production company he founded that currently represents a tonne of hit shows such as Conflict of Interest, Changes with Annie Macmanus and Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place. Matt has over 15 years of experience within the audio industry and even co-founded The British Podcast Awards. Not too shabby, right?