The Contact Book with Craig Doyle

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The Contact Book is a chat show like no other. Craig Doyle interviews sporting legends about their lives and careers.

As he navigates their highs and lows, he has access to each guest’s contact book and calls up people who have lived through those experiences with them. Craig’s chats with his guests are witty, engaging and enlightening – and while he hears their versions of the stories, he also gets the real inside stories from people who know and love them best. Those with whom they grew up, who trained and played with them and those whose lives they crossed in the sporting world and beyond.

While the guests give access to their contacts they don’t always know exactly who is going to pop up during their interview and what stories they are going to tell. The Contact Book with Craig Doyle is a great listen as we get the insight into these sporting legends and their stories – from all sides.


Auddy presents The Contact Book with Craig Doyle, an original 3 Rock production


Special thanks to all of our guests on the show.


Presenter, Craig Doyle

Theme music by Owen Parker

Series producer, Keith Doyle

Sound editing, Mark Sharman

Album art, Nicole Stewart

Executive producer, Andrew Sampson

Episode 1: Brian O’Driscoll

In the first episode of The Contact Book with Craig Doyle, Craig talks to rugby legend Brian O’Driscoll. In a candid interview, Brian opens up about how he received threats of violence after playing a Lambeg drum, a hugely divisive symbol of the sectarian divide in Northern Ireland, while making a documentary. For the first time Brian is brought together with the Orangeman who gave him the drum on that fateful day. Jonathan Buckley tells Brian he felt sorry for him after the event but he believes the Irish rugby star made a little bit of history that day. Also on the show: Brian’s family reveal intimate details about how they all “had a moment” with the six nations trophy during family celebrations after Ireland’s historic win; Brian is brought back together with his coach from Leister and Brian reveals how he ended up hiking through the night with the Irish Army in golf shoes. Craig and Brian also make a worldwide appeal to find the missing Irish rugby jersey that had to be cut off the injured Lions captain.

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