Smoke Screen

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Smoke Screen: Love, bribes and spies in the tobacco industry.

Victoria Hollingsworth tells the true story of corrupt practices behind the scenes at British American Tobacco. We hear from the very people who were caught up in this world as we sink deep into the dirty underbelly of the tobacco industry in South Africa.

BAT says its actions were simply to combat the illicit trade in tobacco products. The UK’s Serious Fraud Office investigated matters and found there was insufficient evidence for any prosecution.

Our investigation tries to find the truth behind the lies.

A partnership between the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and Auddy.

Smoke Screen – Episode 3

We met Johann Van Loggerenberg in episode 2, but how did a tax official know so much?

Exploring his relationship with Belinda uncovers how sensitive information could have got into the wrong hands.

A Novel Production for The Bureau of Investigative Journalism and Auddy.

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