Inside The Tour – The Lions 1997

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The inside story of The British and Irish Lions on their most famous tour; to South Africa in 1997.

The British and Irish Lions’ tour to South Africa in 1997 has gone down in sporting folklore. With few giving them a chance, a disparate group of characters bonded into a band of brothers to upset the reigning World Champions, inspired by a coaching team seen by many in rugby as the greatest of all time. This is the inside story of that tour; told by those who were there.


Presented by Alastair Eykyn.

Featuring: John Bentley, Neil Jenkins, Matt Dawson, Keith Wood, Susan Greenwood, Will Greenwood, Doddie Weir, James Robson, Fran Cotton, Jill Douglas, Jeremy Guscott, Scott Gibbs, Austin Healey, Duncan Humphries, Fred Rees, Rob Wainwright, Jim Telfer and Sir Ian McGeechan.

Inside The Tour – The Lions 1997 – Episode 6

The Injuries.

The Doctor’s Skill and Waking Up Will.

An eight-week rugby tour is hard enough before considering the opponents’ size and strength, not to mention opposition brutality. Injuries hit crucial Lions players at different times. At one stage, it’s a matter of life and death… Featuring Dr James Robson, Will Greenwood and Doddie Weir

Presented and researched by Alastair Eykyn.
Written by Jonathan Overend.
Produced by Danny Garlick and Mark Sharman.
Additional voices by Kenny Blyth.
Original music and sound design by Lee Sparey.
Executive Producer: Liam Thompson.
Executive Editor for NinetyFour19: Jonathan Overend.

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Inside the Tour is a global Auddy Original podcast.

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