Make or Break

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‘Life is the sum of all your choices’ Albert Camus

One single decision can make a business or bring it to its knees. Journalist Owen Bennett-Jones dives into the world of high stakes decision-making as he speaks to the business leaders who risked it all to win.

Make or Break – Episode 7

Beating the Crash – Sir George Buckley

When the economy is on its knees and job losses are looming, do you follow the received wisdom or buck the trend?

In this episode of Make or Break, we’re joined by Sir George Buckley. a businessman who did the seemingly impossible to save jobs during a financial crisis.

When the 2008 financial crisis hit, it hit hard. As 3M’s chairman, chief executive and president, Buckley was under immense pressure to cut jobs. But by drawing upon his skills in engineering, Buckley was able to minimise the damage, and revolutionise the way 3M would respond to future crises.

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It was presented by Owen Bennett Jones and it featured Sir George Buckley

It was produced by John Jo Devlin and Eli Block and the Executive Producer was Ellie DiMartino

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