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Sound Heap is the most eclectic podcast network in the known world. From comedy to interviews to investigations, back to interviews, on to advice, listener call ins, pranks, interviews again, deep-dives and even interviews – they do the lot.

Sound Heap – Episode 11

This week the nominations are out for the Goodygoodypodpods – the biggest awards in podcasting – and there’s several brilliant Sound Heap podcasts on the list. So throughout this episode, we’ll be spotlighting some of our pods that made the list for you Heapsters (which is what we call our listeners).

What Have I Dropped on My Foot?
Reasons to Be Fearful (Part 84)
Remember Cleggmania?
The Moon: Good or Bad?
Armando Iannucci Works At Gucci
Counting Up In 6s To See How Big The Numbers Go
How To Put Out A Raging Fire (Mainly Guesses)
Why Can’t I Use A Real Horse As A Chess Piece?
Dentistry? Let’s Have A Go At It!
Ooh No Ooh Dear, With Sal And Lyndsay
Two People Discuss Whether They’d Get On With Sting

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Written and presented by John-Luke Roberts, with Alexis Dubus, Athena Kugblenu, Bilal Zafar, Cariad Lloyd, Charlie George, Elis James, Joz Norris, Katy Brand, Kieran Hodgson, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Mark Watson, Ruth Bratt, Saima Ferdows, Sooz Kempner, Stuart Laws & Toussaint Douglass.

The original music and stings are by Paddy Gervers and Rob Sell for Torch & Compass.

Mixed by Rich Evans at Synbox Post.

Produced and edited by Ed Morrish.

Sound Heap is a Lead Mojo production for Auddy.

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