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EXTRA LIFE is a podcast about people’s life in gaming, and the games in their lives. Journalist Keza Macdonald (video games editor of The Guardian) and comedian Ellie Gibson (of TV’s Go 8Bit and hit podcast Scummy Mummies) talk to guests from the worlds of comedy (and beyond) about the games they grew up with and the games they love now. Whether you’re a nerd or a casual gamer, you’re in the capable controller-clawed hands of two friends who’ve spent decades being stupid about video games, and their very funny guests, so just press PLAY.

Extra Life is an original Great Big Owl Production for Auddy


Hosts: Keza Macdonald & Ellie Gibson

Producer: Joel Morris

Assistant Producer: Alex Hardy

Music: Waen Shepherd

Album Art: Nicole Stewart

Auddy Executive Producer: Andrew Sampson

Extra Life Episode Eight – Jenny Colgan

This week best-selling author Jenny Colgan (of The Summer Seaside Kitchen, Dr Who and more) joins Keza and Ellie. They speak about Colgan leaving her only “real job” in the hospital, which was preceded by her non-stop playing Theme Hospital for five months. There’s also plenty of chat about Tetris, the Tomytronic 3D, and a whole lot more!

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