Our partners create exceptional and original podcasts.

We create commercial opportunity.

Together we create a new kind of audio business.

Founded in London in 2020, Auddy publishes, markets and distributes the best in original podcast and audio shows globally and with a bespoke country-by-country approach.

Auddy offers unparalleled benefits to its creators, providing them with creative freedom, funding, marketing and promotional support while also utilising the very best in analytics-driving technology.

Auddy is the only podcast publisher to pay royalties and it makes sure that the creator is a true partner in this respect.

Auddy delivers rich listener data and meaningful insights to advertisers and creators.

Auddy publishes high quality content with broad appeal to large audiences. In the UK, this is validated by our choice of Global as our local co-marketing, distribution and hosting partner.

Contact us: info@auddy.co